E# Design labs

“Aw, darn. Another component became impossible to source and now we have to redesign the board to get going again. But the design teams are all tied up in development of the next big thing.”

Know the feeling? Don’t worry, E# can help you.

We have design capabilities to redesign your product to use components that are available. Perhaps we even fix one or two weaknesses in the process. Depending on your need, we can also verify and validate the new design for you and offload your design team from spending time on the legacy stuff.

Perhaps you need to gather all tangled cables into a tidy connector board or find a way to interface your product with test equipment. We do that too. We can take on design and manufacturing for your test boards so you can focus on other things.

Contact us with your needs and we promise to find a way forward. No job is too small for us.

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We are always looking for new challenges. If you think we’d be a good fit for your next job, let’s have a chat and see where it goes!